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We offer many high quality timber species from South American forest. Our organization, structure and experience allow us to provide a specialized, dynamic and high level of service. All our timber products are shipped on time and are priced competitively. 

Trading tropical solid wood from Amazon Forest


Asia Peaceful has been trading tropical hardwood products in international markets for long time. Our sales representatives and traders are trained and experienced lumbermen. We supply plank and lumber. We understand what’s important to our customers in manufacturing and distribution around the world. We deal with international logistics and finance every day. When a challenge arises our people know how to respond quickly and effectively. We also know how important experience and trust are to successful international partnerships. We maintain several sales offices around the world to allow a better understanding of our customer’s needs and a higher level of service. Our sales managers travel throughout the world regularly to meet face to face with our customers and see first-hand their individual requirements. When possible we tailor our products to our customer’s local requirements. Metric measurements, special sawing methods, smaller bundle sizes and customized kiln schedules are just a few examples of the modifications we can do when our customers ask.

Tropical Wood Research and Development


APT is committed to research, training and development the tropical wood lumber. It works with the local Forest Producers Association, the Amazon forest research institutions and environmental protection agencies. It emphasizes the efficient use of equipment, knowledge of the ecosystem and techniques in tree spotting, extraction, processing and shipment, in order to minimize the negative impact of timber harvesting while maximizing the value-added benefits of marketing its quality assured products.​ APT stresses the need for low-impact forestry operations, ensuring that its forestry extraction equipment is state-of-the-art.

Adherence to International Conventions

APT operations in some of the Guiana Shield countries (Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico) are in conformity with the International Conventions and National Forestry Regulations relating to the management of forestry concessions. It enforces the protection of the endangered species listed by CITES (Convention on Trade in Endangered Species) and of the bio-diversity of the eco-systems. It respects the intellectual property rights of the indigenous peoples, whose communities are the beneficiaries APT’s field operations. 

We plant acacia in Vietnam and all our wood chips came from the artificial planting tress authorized by the government

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